UBC Renew

Use of Area

The 580-seat Auditorium complements the Chan Centre by offering an intimate experience of a mid-sized European opera house. The facility will continue to serve as the home of the renowned Voice & Opera Division and will take its place on campus as a sister theatre to a world-class Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.


What was Done

Complete "to the studs" renovation of an existing 1925 theatre. Upgrades included a seismic reinforcing of the original structure, complete mechanical and electrical upgrades and the introduction of state of the art theatre equipment and lighting systems.

Time & Cost

The total project cost was $21 million, it took 18 months and it was opened in the fall of 2010.


Renewal Projects

The UBC Renew project is a unique partnership with the Government of BC.

UBC is the only Canadian university creating state-of-the-art facilities on a large scale by renewing deteriorating buildings rather than demolishing them. It is setting the standard of renovating and retaining heritage facilities on campus for the continued success of academic programs while minimizing the environmental impact caused by demolishing and constructing new buildings all at less cost than building new. Refurbishing the buildings instead of demolishing and building new has saved BC taxpayers and UBC millions of dollars.